Rock Solid Bred Heifer Sale

Monday, Dec. 14th at 2:00pm @ Bircham Ranch








Selling 30 Red Angus Heifers

Bred to Red Angus Bulls

Heifers were exposed from June 13 to July 21

 These heifers received Vison 7 and Express 5 at branding and weaning. This fall they were given Express 3VL5, Scour Bos 4, Tasvax 8 and Ivomec.

If you have any other questions phone Ian at 1-306-295-4040.

2020 Heifers

weight: 1283

Weight: 1339

Weight: 1334

Weight: 1248

Weight: 1228

Weight: 1241

   The bred heifers are bred to the following red angus bulls

Red Cockburn Authority 776E