2020 Yearling Bulls For Sale

Two Year Old Bulls sell in 2021. Located 9 Km north west of Eastend Sk. on grid 614.

The Two Year Olds we will be selling are not left overs. We kept the calves that were born March 15 and later for the sale. The bulls have been vaccinated with Pyramid PF 5 + Presponse and Tasvax 8 at branding and weaning. They were given Ivomec on October 25. They will be semen tested and given express 3VL5 before the sale.

Click on picture of bull for pedigree.

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top 838f.png

Red Topham Crusher 838F

Scrotal 39cm   Wt: 1755

top 861f_edited.jpg

Heading 1

Scrotal 41cm    Wt: 1775

top 867f_edited.jpg

Scrotal 45cm    Wt: 1660

top 868F_edited.jpg

Scrotal 42cm    Wt: 1660

top 877f_edited.jpg

Scrotal 40cm    Wt: 1660

top 880f_edited.jpg

Scrotal 44cm    Wt: 1715

top 889f_edited.jpg

Scrotal 42cm    Wt: 1575

top 894f_edited.jpg

Scrotal 42cm    Wt: 1660

top 895f_edited.jpg

Scrotal 42cm    Wt: 1740


Scrotal 40cm      Wt: 1660

Videos of Two Year Olds

For a catalog fill out the following information or Phone Ian or Heidi