Red Brylor SDL Richter 212R

            Red XXX Lakme 70M

                 Dam of Richter

Richter was purchased from Brylor in 2006. We used him for 2 years and then Bryan bought him back to use on his herd. Richter is one of the best footed bulls in the breed. His daughters are very good milkers with great feet.  EPD's BW: 4.3 WW: 67 YW: 104 Milk: 22 TM: 55



            Daughters and son of Richter

                             Red Lodi Prince 2632

Lodi Prince was bought from Alta Genetics when he was 9 years old. We used him for 3 years then sold him back to Alta, who sold the semen right to Brazil. He is an elite bull with over 750+ progeny! He makes excellent females that are easy doing and adds extra thickness to his bull calves. 


 Two Lodi Prince daughters

Red Wilbar Reload 695Y is one of the longest sided bulls I have seen. He calved heifers very well. His daughters have good udders and are long sided like him.

                          Red Brylor GRA Ultimate 11U

Ultimate was shown by Brylor Ranch. He was Reserve Intermediate Champion at the World Angus Forum, Grand Champion at Frontier Days, and first in class at the National Red Angus Show.

Ultimate added depth of body and hair. His daughters are good mothers with nice udders. His EPD's BW: 0.6 WW:64 YW: 101 Milk: 15

Tatoo DBB 136Y  BW 94   WW 797 WW Index 112    YW 1355 YW Index 113

Red SSS Poker Face 136Y

Poker Face is a dark cherry red bull that adds a tremendous amount of power into his calves. We bought half possession from Dave Sibbald, at SSS where his Poker Face bull calves topped his sale.

His EPD's BW: 3.8 WW: 67 YW: 110 Milk: 11 TM: 45

Red Dwajo Sundance 114A

BW 89    WW 876 WW Index 118 YW   1407 YW Index 109

Sire and Dam of Sundance

Sundance was my pick of the bulls at Agribition. He is long, dark red, good footed with a good hip on him. After seeing his mother we decided we should buy him. His calves look very good and we have had no troubles calving him on heifers.

EPD's BW: -0.2 WW: 83 YW: 128 Milk: 15 TM:57


Red Topham Game Face 544C

Dam of Game Face

Red Game Face is a bull that we raised and used as a yearling and then sold to Ryan Mann. This bull is out of one of my favorite cows. She is easy doing with perfect feet and udder.
EPD's BW: 0.0 WW: 63 YW: 104 Milk: 16

Red U2 Mama's Boy 205B

Red U2 Misty 160X dam of Mama's Boy
Tatoo DUA 205B   BW-86 WW 821 WW Index 103 YW 1559 YW Index 122
Mama's Boy 205B is out of an outstanding cow. She has also raised a heifer calf that sold to Texas for $20,000. He is a smooth made bull with perfect feet and will add extra performance. EPD's BW -1.5 WW 50 YW 86 Milk 22

Red Blades Dividend 66B

Tatoo- GBB 66B   BW 70   WW 645 WW Index 105   Y W 1215 YW Index 134
Dividend 66B was the high seller at Gloria Blades sale. His mother has good hair, feet and small  teats. He is a proven heifer bull. His calves averaged 75 lbs. His calves have good hair and tremendous depth. His EPD's BW -6.2 WW 49 YW 90 Milk 25