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Welcome to Topham Red Angus!
The Topham's are in their 5th generation living on the ranch near Eastend, Saskatchewan.  Ivan Stanley Topham returned from the war in 1923 and purchased some land.  The Topham's started the cattle business with hereford cattle, had some charolais and have now been raising angus cattle for over 30 years.  Ian purchased his first purebred red angus cow in 1994.  Since then his herd has grown to 80+ cows.  Ian invested in red angus because they are trouble free cattle, easy calvers, and great mothers with good disposition.  Another reason was to raise their own high quality bulls.
Ian, now married with a family also helps his father, Gary run a herd of 400 commercial cows.  Their goal is to produce excellent footed cattle with perfect udders and a good disposition.  The Topham's are always looking to improve their herd by having a wide variety of bloodlines and they cull their females very hard. We are will be hosting our own sale at the ranch the last Wednesday of March.
  Ian takes a selected group of commercial bred heifers to the Rock Solid Bred Heifer Sale. This sale is the second Monday of December at Bircham Ranch 8 miles south of Piapot, Sask.

We welcome everyone to stop by for a coffee and a tour of our cattle.

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